Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As we are embarking on a cross country move, we have the unfortunate situation of being between houses for a month. We have also had a financing snafu, and almost lost the new house. This caused me great angst! I couldn't imagine not having an address, especially with three small kids. It just seemed very horrible.

The paper had an article about a little girl who had been homeless for most of her life, and was now living in a shelter. She was being profiled because she had received high honors in school. It got me thinking, as we traverse our "homelessness" situation, about how bad it would be to truly be homeless.

I couldn't even imagine how stressful and scary that would be for me and my kids. What would we do? How do you send your kids to school so that they can get ahead? How do they study and do homework if you don't have any place to live? The simple details of life that I take for granted become a huge problem if you don't have a place to call home.

When I think about it that way, I realize how incredibly spoiled I am. Some folks would probably give their eye teeth to have the apartment my family will live in for a month. It would probably seem lavish to someone who was living in a homeless shelter. I thank God that I am able to fill the gap between houses.

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