Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pizza Pie

First, sit down.  I am actually writing the Thursday post on Thursday.  I know, it is shocking.  Anyway, today's topic is to talk about pizza.  What kind do you like and what toppings.

Pizza.  It is like religion in our household.  We take our pizza very seriously.  My mother does not like pizza.  It think it is the strangest thing.  How can you not like pizza?

We have lived in two pizza capitals, New England, known for the New Haven style pizza.  New Haven style is brick oven with a very thin crispy crust.  The crispier the better.  When we moved to Chicago, we knew we would never eat good pizza again.  We ordered a bunch of pies before we headed out of town.  We fed the movers and then longing packed up the rest to be savored in the car.

While I used to love pizza with everything, a good slice of New Haven style pizza is really best just plain cheese, occasionally one can add a slice or two of pepperoni.  But, tons of toppings, never.  It ruins the taste of the crust and the sauce.  The sauce is a melange of fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic.  The sweetness of the tomatoes is enhanced by the brick oven, which crisps the crunchy, chewy crust.   When ever we go back to Connecticut, we always grab a pizza. 

Sure, we have found a place that makes a decent NY style pizza, but there is only one place that makes a good New Haven style pizza.  We drive almost an hour to go to a bowling alley pizza joint to get our New Haven pizza fix.  Vito and Nicks, that is some good pizza, but still not as good as the original.

Now, I live in Chicago.  Known for its deep dish pizza.  The buttery flaky crust, the sauce on top and loaded with fillings.  It isn't even pizza to this girl.  It is more like a pie.  It isn't the crispy, chewy goodness that is brick oven.  Sure we enjoy the occasion deep dish.  Sure they are good, but it just doesn't scratch the pizza itch.

New York style, with a crust you fold in half is a close substitute to a brick oven pizza.  While again, not as good, is a close second.  It would seem that here in the land of hot dogs and deep dish, we will have to settle for NY style when we are looking to indulge in some pizza.  Perhaps some day we will build a brick oven in our backyard.

When I was younger, I loved pizzas loaded with everything imaginable on them.  Tons of veggies.  When I make pizza at home I often load them up.  But, when I go out, plain cheese is all this girl likes to eat.

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  1. It was fun reading your views on pizza. You're very passionate about what you want! The descriptions made me so hungry. :) I definitely miss Chicago pizza, even though one of the restaurants here tries to make it that way.