Friday, May 4, 2012

Play List

Our topic for this week is to discuss the top 10 songs on our play list and why..

In no particular order they would be:

Nickelback -- Lullaby

I guess it is sort of topical.  We have been dealing with a lot of hurt and sadness, and when I hear this song, I feel like they are talking to me. 

Rodney Atkins -- If You Are Going Through Hell

I want to give up sometimes and this song reminds me that giving up, well, it may not always be a good option, cuz you just might get out before the Devil even knows you are there.

Guy Forsyth -- Long, Long, Long Time

Every lyric in this song is amazing.  Right now I am stuck on the following:
"Luke Skywalker saved Princess Leah and destroyed the Death Star by letting go and closing his eyes."

Chris Isaak -- Baby Did a Bad, Bad, Thing

I am a sucker for a funky beat in the opening, and sometimes I feel like cryin'.

Santana -- Into the Night

I just like it... do I have to have a reason??

Kid Rock -- All Summer Long

This song reminds me of the Summer of 1989, my hair was long and I had a lot of the experiences he talks about.  At that moment in time, life was good.

Nickelback -- When We Stand Together

The lyrics are sort of preachy, but I agree with the message.  Also, I crossed the finish line for my first race listening to this tune.  It will always be special.

Pink -- So What

I like girl power, and this is all about girl power.  Cuz, you know what, I don't need you.

Hot Chelle Ray -- Tonight, Tonight

La la la la, what ever... it is like my life motto.

Jimmy Eat World -- In the Middle

It is about not worring about what other people think about you and just being you.  It is pretty sound advice.

As a side note, I don't know what is up with the formatting on this post, but I hope you enjoy the tunes.  Want to rock out with the other chicks?  Check them out at: Froggie, Momarock, and Merrylandgirl.

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