Thursday, February 9, 2012

Emperors New Blog Post

This week's installment of the Thursday blog project is to create something on a based on a Fairy Tale. 

I will be writing a blog post about a fairy tale.  But, I hurt my back and I have hired two talented authors to write the blog post for me.  These authors have come from far away and they have promised me that this blog post will be amazing.

They have been working tirelessly on this blog post.  But, they won't let me preview it.  It is being written under tight security.  But, it is supposed to be absolutely the best blog post in the whole world.  I might have to have a parade to celebrate the awesomeness of the blog post.

Brace yourself, here is the post:

The authors did say something about foolish people not being able to read it.  Where are those authors?  They seemed to have skipped town, with my money.

From the crowd, a child screams, there is no blog post, the blog is naked.

I would cast Mark Harmon as the Emperor.

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