Thursday, December 29, 2011


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In 2010, the Denver Broncos drafted Tim Tebow, a quarterback from the University of Florida. Tebow, a devout Christian, would wear biblical references such as "John 3:16" on his eye paint during college games. Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the news about Tebow and how he kneels and prays after a game success. "Tebowing" has become a widespread phenomenon to the point that it has been accepted as a word in the English language.

With all this in mind, should professional athletes be able to publicly display their religious beliefs during games? What other thoughts do you have on this phenomenon?

I don't usually cut and paste the topic, just summerize, but I didn't think I could do it justice.  I had no idea what Tebowing even was until a few weeks ago.  I did a run in Ventura, Ca with an old friend of mine.  She is not a runner and she was a little nervous about the whole thing.  (She should have been the race was bizarre, but more on that later.)  She joked, "When I cross the finish line I am going to Tebow."  Mac explained the reference to me as he rolled his eyes.

Here is my take on this, it will probably surprise you.  But first a history lesson.  This country was founded by people escaping religious persecution.  See, those on the ships headed out of England contained on them people that did not want to follow the preaching of the Church of England, and some felons thrown in for good measure.  Because these folks did not follow the Church of England, they were punished, by law.  Yes, some of the people escaping persecution were probably also felons, but let's not split hairs.

This is why there is a seperation of church and state in our constitution.  People forget about that.  The Christian Collation forgets about that.  See, government can not endorse one religion over the other, period.  It is not a debatable point.  It is a point of fact.  That is why I get all worked up when tax payer funded, governement operated schools and other programs appear to have a religous agenda.  They can't, it is unconsitutional. 

Private institutions can have religous points of view (let's not get into a discussion on how some of them are funded with tax payer dollars, ok.)  People can have a religious point of view.  People have a constitutional right to express their religious point of view.  If you or I disagree, we have a constitutional right to disagree and engage in that debate.  I don't begrude Tim Tebow his right to paint what ever he wants on his face.  He can pray all he wants.

Now for the sticky wicket.  I am ok with all the hype and attention about this, if and only if, Ryan Braun can paint a Star of David on his face and have that be acceptable.  As long as it ok for Shaq can pray to Allah during a game, or thank Allah when a three-pointer is played.  (As an aside, finding the sports stars has sparked quite a debate of who is better in my household; and I realize that Shaq is not a current player.)  I am not sure if it would be acceptable.  No one has really tried, but my feeling is that there would be backlash. 

Christian stuff is ok, because it is "cultural."  Other stuff is religious.  The attitude frustrates and annoys me, because of the history lesson I just gave.  It is ok for one, it needs to be ok for all.

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  1. amen to that, excuse the pun. :)

  2. My husband and I had a nice debate after reading this post! :) Well written!