Thursday, December 15, 2011

Today's topic in our Thursday blog project is who do you look like?

I look like no one I know.  Yet, people come up to me all the time and tell me I look like so and so.  They ask if I am a sister, cousin or mother of someone.  I decided a long time ago that I must have one of those faces.

Being adopted, when this first started happening I thought, maybe these people are my "real" family. As it happened more and more and more, I came to realize that the over all blandness of my features makes me look like someone else.

I know that this is cheating, but this story is so appropriate for the question and I have sand in my underwear, so here is a replay of a blog post from 1/1/10.  Enjoy!

In the airport on the way home I was stopped by a woman in the airport. "Are you famous," asked strange woman in airport (swa)?

Me: "Not on TV. But my blog is read and loved by millions."

SWA: "Are you sure, you look just like the woman on that TLC show, the one with the 12 kids."

Me: "I am pretty sure I don't have 12 kids, just the 3 you see here."

SWA: "Oh, well you sound just like her."

I have no idea what this woman sounds like, but I imagine she yells at the kids a lot? Cuz I was a yellin' at the kids while we were waiting to get on the plane.

The woman in question is Betty Hayes, in Table for 12 on TLC. Her picture is below, let me know what you think, do I look like her??

Anyway, I am used to being the face that everyone knows. Sometimes this is good, it puts people at ease. Sometimes it is bad, I would like to be me! I guess yesterday I was famous.

Who does everyone else look like?  (ps, I bet they didn't cheat either!)  Check them out at Froggie, Momarock, and Merrylandgirl.

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