Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweet Melissa

For this week's topic, we are discussing what we have learned about each other.  In order to make things manageable we have been assigned partners.  My partner is Merrylandgirl (aka Melissa).

I met Melissa through Tracey, we have been virtual friends for a couple of years.  We email periodically and talk about issues with the kids and what not.  While I have only seen Melissa in person one time, I feel like we are still friends.  Strange electronic world we live in!  I guess in days past we would have been pen pals.

Melissa is a Modern Orthodox Jew.  I am a non-Jew trying to raise my kids to be good Jews.  I struggle with how to do that sometimes and Melissa, while she may not know this, is my before I ask the Rabbi person.  If she doesn't have the answer, then I go to the Rabbi.

Being Orthodox, is something that amazes, impresses and confuses me all at the same time.  It is great to talk to someone who has so fully embraced their religion, and is really trying to live a life that enables them to be closer to G-d.  On the other hand, the restrictions would overwhelm me.  While not using electronics on Shabbat would probably not be a bad thing, the thought of not being able to knit would make me sad.  The one question I have always wanted to ask Melissa is how she handles those restrictions.

We also both have three kids, two boys and one girl.  Yet, they only over lap right at the end for me and the beginning for her.  I am a few years ahead of her, but then I am also a few years older.  It is fun to watch her littlest one grow.  It reminds me of my baby, who is really no longer a baby.

Melissa also writes a chick-lit blog that is pretty well known, maybe even famous!  I have a hard time reconciling Melissa with the face of someone famous, she is decidedly down to earth.  But  her blog is actually something that publishers consider when the launch a new chick lit book.  How cool is that?

I am sure that if Melissa lived closer we would probably hang out from time to time.  But, until she moves back, we will have to continue to be cyber-buddies.

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  1. *Blush* It was fun being partners and I hope I answered your pressing question adequately when I sent back my answers to your interview questions. :) If you're ever in the DC area, we'd love to have you all for a Shabbos.