Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today's topic is about the new NSTA recommendation that cell phones not be used in cars, at all, not even with a hands-free headset.  The question, is what do you think about that?

It is a sticky wicket.  I understand that when you are driving you are distracted when you are on the phone.  I know I am distracted when my kids are demanding my attention when we are driving.  The rule in our car is that you can not talk to me when I am driving unless I say it is ok.  There can be no fighting, no talking, no arguing, no screaming, etc, when we are traversing a crowded parking lot or driving in lots of traffic.  They must be silent, or I will crash the car. 

Granted this "rule" was born out of necessity.  Mac would talk endlessly when we were in the car and I just needed him to shut the f*&^ up.  As more kids entered the scene, I didn't want to listen to fighting in the car.  But, now, I realize that I can not pay attention to what is going on around me when I am trying to listen to them and understand what they are saying.

With that in mind, I agree that it would be safer for most folks to not chat on their phones while they drive.  I don't generally talk on my phone while I am driving because I like to enjoy the silence.  When I am on the phone, I am not in difficult driving situations.  If I am, I hang up.

My husband spends a good deal of time in his car.  His argument would be that the lost productivity would be too much to recover from.  I wonder if perhaps spending the time listening to a book on tape or the radio and just relaxing would be a better use of his time.  While I understand his argument, as a society we have gotten just a bit too impatient.  Does he really need to return that call immediately?

Remember the dark ages when we did not even have fax machines and things had to be mailed, through snail mail?  Remember when overnight delivery seemed like the best thing since sliced bread?  Then the fax machine, then email, now smart phones.  We get more and more instant communication.  We don't need to wait anymore.  I often wonder if it is a good thing.

Sadly, until as a culture we can accept waiting a bit for a response, we will probably not give up our cell phones in our cars.  I just don't see that recommendation changing how we function.  I have a hard time believing that legislators would ban the use of cell phones in cars.

It is not a good idea to text, surf the net, play words with friends, or really chat on your cell phone when you are behind the wheel of a 3,500 pound vehicle.  Next time you get in the car, ask yourself, is your life worth the text you are about to send or the call you are going to make?  Like they said on CHiPs, be safe out there people.

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