Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Resolutions Here

It is Thursday, and we all know what that means.  Yeah, I realize that it means I will post on the blog, not something I do very regularly anymore.  Your point?

Anyway, this week's topic is to do a 2011 wrap up and talk about your resolutions for 2012.

As for 2011, it was not a horrible year, but it was not a spectacular year either.  It just was.  I am ok with that.  I don't need drama, be it good or bad.  We have had some pretty bad years recently, and I am happy to just be boring.

  1. I knit some stuff, not as much as in the past, but still I think I made 45+ things. 
  2. I blogged a bit, not as much as in the past.
  3. I worked a bit, probably more than in the past, but not enough to pay off the house or anything.
  4. I cursed my house a bit, probably about the same amount.  Currently there is a roofer on top fixing the most recent leak/issue.  I will never get living room furniture or the hole in the kitchen fixed.
  5. The kids did kid stuff.  We made some pretty serious decisions about Mac, and that situation has resolved very nicely.  He is doing super and we are really proud of him.  More importantly, Mac is proud of him.  I feel that we are going to need to make some next step decisions soon, but they will be easier because they will be positive!
  6. I finally realized that I can run.  So, now I do that.
See it was a fairly bland year.  I like 'em that way.

Number 6 on my list is where I am going to start as I talk about my plans for 2012.  I don't like the idea of "resolutions."  Life is fluid and every single day I try and do better than I did the day before.  So, arbitrary points like the new year are less about changing things.  I do have plans, because there are things I want to do.

Ok, so Number 6... I have some fairly specific goals around what I want to do with this running thing.  I would like to get my speed up.  I am very slow, and I would like to be able to complete a 5K in 30 minutes.  I have weekly goals set as it pertains to speed, and the plan is to have my race in May be completed in 30 minutes.  Once I get my speed to where I want it, I am then planning to work on my distance, and would like to do a 10k in October/November.  So, that is the plan with that.

I also am working on eating better foods.  I think that will help with the plan above, but more importantly, I have reached an age where living entirely on carbs is no longer an option.  While I am in no way worried about my sugar levels, it would chap my hide significantly to every find myself diabetic.  My mother insists that it will happen, and I would HATE for her to be right.  So, in order to ensure I get to tell her she is wrong, I am going to stop eating cookies for lunch.  Sounds reasonable doesn't it?

Otherwise, I will probably knit some stuff, blog a bit, the kids will do kid stuff and I will continue to pray that my husband keeps his job and doesn't do anything rash.  He seems less inclinded to do something rash at this moment, but, you know, life is uncertain.

What are your plans?

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  1. great post. i love how vague you made things sound in the humorous way only you know how. :)

  2. Having an uneventful year is my kind of year! I'm with you; I don't care for drama. I hope you, me, and Tracey can plan that run in Oregon someday. Maybe for 2013? :)