Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is the next post, in what I hope to be many as part of a blog project I am doing with three other ladies. At the end of my post I will give you the links so that you can check out what they have to say on our topic. Who knows, maybe you will find something else you like.

Today's topic is:  In the Glee episode "Born This Way" the Glee Club is told to put a quality they see in themselves as a flaw on a t-shirt. This is done as a way for them to embrace this particular flaw. What I want to know is what would your t-shirt say?  I don't watch Glee, I didn't really get the whole concept.  But, what I gathered when I asked more questions was that it is about embracing your flaws. 

I have thought about this a great deal.  The flaws I that perceive about myself are not ones I would put on a t-shirt.  Tenacious, Difficult, Over-Weight?  These are not slogans that would sell a shirt.  Then it hit me,  WYSIWYG (whizzy-wig).  That is the perfect slogan for a t-shirt, and it embraces my flaws perfectly.

What is WYSIWIG?  It is a computer term that means what-you-see-is-what-you-get.  It is from the 80's, so it dates me perfectly.  It is geeky, so that works too.  It is so perfect.  It is just hip enough to make folks of this generation think, and it is all letters so it is all text-y.  I may actually have a shirt some place that has this printed on it, come to think of it

But, why is this my flaw?  Well, I am a what you see is what you get kind of person.  I am not subtle, and this is sort of a problem.  So many people, can't handle the truth.  But, the truth as I see it, well, it flows from my mouth at a fairly rapid clip.  I am direct.  You always know where you stand with me.

My directness is embraced by some and completely rejected by others.  The problem is that sometimes being too direct is a bit rude.  As I have aged I have realized this, and I try very hard to filter my thoughts.  To put things in a way that is more palatable.  That is less direct.

This directness feeds the perceptions of tenacity and diffiultness.  I just think that if you really understood what I was saying you would agree with me.  Or you would explain your point of view to me and I would realize that you have a point and I would moderate my position.  But, this tends to come off as a bit difficult and tenacious, especially if you can't justify your position.

I am not the person that will sulk in the corner when you treat me poorly.  I will say something about it.  There are relationships that I have that have been really damaged by the fact that I have said something about the fact that the other person hurt me.  I think it has something to do with taking responsibility for your actions, and I really don't understand how I am the bad guy for telling you XY & Z was hurtful to me.  From my point of view, if you cared at all you would apologize and we would move on.  Conversely, if I do something to you, you get to tell me about it.

To quote Popeye, I am what I am.  That is why WYSIWYG is the perfect slogan for me.  There is good with that, and bad with that.

So, want to see what everyone else has to say on the topic!  Momarock, Merrylandgirl and Froggie


  1. I think this is an excellent flaw to have! I wish I had this flaw more often in my own life!

  2. love it! so important to stand up for yourself.