Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Day

I haven't commented on the Royal Wedding, the birther situation, or really any sort of current event recently.  It isn't so much that I haven't had an opinion about the things that have been going on around me, it is more that I have not been moved to say anything about them.

The death of Osama bin Laden, while unlikely to have a significant positive impact on terrorism and more likely to have an negative impact on our over-all safety, it is an emotional victory.  I lived in Connecticut at the time of 9/11.  I remember driving to work that day, listening to the person on the radio talk about how 9/11 is a day of safety.  She discussed when and how to dial 9-1-1.  She talked about how you shouldn't call it 9-11, because you might look for the 11 on the dial and not be able to find it.

I was working when Fred, a man I worked with, walked into my office and told me what happened.  I remember people thinking that because our company was run by an ex-military officer and we made parts that were used in defense that we would be targeted.  Which was laughable.  People watched the replays of what happened in offices, on televisions in the break room.

My mother was in Boston when it happened.  When she hauled butt out of the Boston area, there were no tolls being charged on the tollway, they wanted people to keep on moving.  She got to my house around the time I got Mac from daycare.  We hugged each other and Mac.  We put him to bed and were glued to the television. 

Bob and I flew to see his parents on the first flights that were allowed to fly.  Friends and business associates were forced to drive home from business trips and vacations because they couldn't fly home.  Some shared cars with strangers who were headed in the same direction.  Everyone banded together. 

This one day forever changed our everyday lives, remember when you didn't have to strip naked to get on a plane?  But, living in Connecticut, it was impossible not to know someone who was impacted by the towers collapse.  Bob had been in the towers just the week prior, on business.  He could have been there that day, it wasn't out of the question.  Friends didn't go to work that day for various reasons, others did.  Why some lived and others didn't is a mystery in luck and timing.

Today, we hear that the man who masterminded this attack, has been killed.  Just as I will always remember the day that it happened, I will remember today.  The day my baby won his first Panther soccer game (more on that later), Bob's BFF's birthday, the day that Osama bin Laden's death was announced.  It has been a big day.

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