Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week in Review

So, let's talk a bit about soccer.  It is an all consuming passion in my household.  Everyone, and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE, kicks that soccer ball at some point during the day.  Yes, I do it when I am dribbling it towards the ball rack, but I have learned some pretty nifty foot moves and can get it up without bending over.  Now that our backyard is not submerged underwater, the kids are out there morning, noon and night.   When they aren't playing soccer, they are watching it on television or playing it on the wii. 

Which brings me to a recap of out last weekend.  We only had three soccer games, of course they were not at the same times, so we spent two days watching soccer.  Some was good, and some was not.  We have been playing soccer since Mac was 3, but this is the first season everyone has been on a team.

Mac's team looks like they are having fun, but they aren't very good.  Hannah, well it is fun to watch a bunch of little kids chase soccer balls around.  The real excitement comes from Sam's team.  This weekend they won.  After more losses than we can count they finally won one.

But, when I talked to Sam about his game, the first thing he told me was not that they had won, but rather that he had gotten a yellow card.  He was so proud of his yellow card.  What made it even better was that it was for slide tackling.  His very favorite thing to do.  I did start to wonder if perhaps we made a bad choice in sports and maybe American Football would have been a better decision.

Here is the problem, it is not a good thing to get a yellow card.  Yet, because he stopped the kid from scoring a goal, some of the parents were telling him that he did a good thing.  I don't want my kid to be a brute on the field.  Sure I want him to be aggressive, but not brutish.  I was really dismayed that he was proud of getting a penalty. 

I know he did not slide tackle with the intention of getting a penalty, that he was trying to get the ball and he missed.  Sure he is little and his ability to slide tackle, while good, is not perfect.  But, I do not want him collecting yellow cards the way kids collect baseball cards.  For now he seems to get that, but he is still proud of the fact that he stopped a goal.

Well, and that they finally won.... and no they did not play the blind kindergarteners. 

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