Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yarn Soda

Today's topic is:  What is your biggest vice/addiction? 

I have two addictions.  One is Cherry Coke Zero and the other is yarn. 

I love Cherry Coke Zero, but I am not really picky about what type of diet caffineated soda I have, but I love the Cherry Coke Zero.  I need a pick me up every day.  There are days when I am so happy to pop open that can, inhale the smell of the carbonation.  To drink down the icy, caffinated goodness.  To feel my body start to pick up again.  My afternoon soda is the only way I can make it till bed time. 

When I was pregnant, I was told to avoid caffine, I limited myself to one can a day.  My soda makes me happy.  I know it isn't good for me, but it improves my mood and makes me happy, and that is good for me.

The other thing that I am addicted to is yarn.  It sounds odd, but I love the smell of yarn, I love the colors, the way it feels.  I will probably never knit all the yarn I have, but some of it I bought only because it was pretty and not because it would ever be used.  I have a wonderful collection of yarn. 
My kids know I am having a bad day when I go visit the yarn.  I like to pet it, inhale the smell of the dye and fiber, to drink in the color.  Each hank has a story.  The memory of when I bought it.  I love each and everyone.

I know my addictions are unusual, but that is how I roll.  Want to see what everyone else is addicted to?  Bet it isn't soda and yarn!  Check them out at Froggie, Momarock, Merrylandgirl


  1. i understand the cherry soda addiction. it reminds me of my cereal addiction. :) not to say i don't understand the yarn thing, as the yarn is very pretty and if i had stuck with knitting, i'd probably like it more. but i equate it to the smell of a new book for me. :)
    i avoided caffeine for all three pregnancies. so hard! i practically inhaled it when i was allowed to have it again! at least they make a caffeine free version of diet coke. i would have been so sick of sprite otherwise.

  2. Coke and yarn....

    and cats but I try not to talk about my cat addiction.. people look at you weird...hee hee

    came to you from DRT V list of blogs. !