Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby, it hurts so bad

The next installment in our Thursday blog project is to write about pain, specifically the worst physical pain we have ever experienced.

I would have to say that the worst pain I have ever experienced was the pain I was in after I delivered Hannah.  It was a full year before I was mostly pain free and the issues from that birth still haunt me today.

Hannah's pregnancy was totally and completely uneventful.  But as soon as I had her all the pain started.  The list of ailments I had was long, but the most painful was the adhesions.  After a surgery, your body can develop adhesions, which is scar tissue that can connect parts of your body that shouldn't be connected.  I can not tell you what was connected that shouldn't have been, but I do know that the pain associated with sitting up was excruciating.

My options were to have another surgery and have the adhesions removed, which could cause me to have more adhesions, or to just try and rip them so that they stop bugging me.  I opted to rip them apart.  The main source of my pain was in my lower abdomen.  About where your fingers would be if you put your hands on your hips.

It hurt to get out of bed.  It hurt if I stood too much.  It hurt if I turned in the wrong direction.  It hurt to pick up the baby out of the crib.  Sometimes it hurt so much it would make me nauseated.  I had no choice but to live with this pain.  The pain that felt like someone was stabbing me with a hot poker. 

Every single day, many times during the day, I was stabbed with a hot poker in my gut.  Not only was I sleep deprived and overwhelmed by the addition of a third baby, I was in extreme pain.  The only thing that helped the pain were pain meds that were addictive, so I didn't use them often.  I learned to just muscle through everyday.

The pain was not consistent, it was blessedly, intermittent.  When it would come it would take your breathe away.  But if I sat down and rested a bit it would usually subside in a half hour or so.  Eventually the pain became my governor.  It told me when I was over doing it and when I needed to sit down and take a break.

I still feel this pain today.  It is very infrequent, but there are days when I move in just that way that I will feel that sharp reminder of Hannah's first year.  A reminder of all the pain.

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  1. Sorry your first year with your daughter was so difficult for you physically. I had no idea you went through that. I know she was definitely worth it though.

  2. Oh wow, I am so sorry you had to endure that. :( I have a friend who also had adhesions, and she said too how incredibly painful they were!