Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today's topic for our Thursday blog project is what Disney Character are you most like.  The cartoon character I am most like is Lucy from Peanuts.  I asked if I could change the topic to include other characters.  I got a conditional approval.  I have to justify it my change.  Here goes the justification:  Is there another character that is like Lucy in the Disney stable?  See you can't think of one either.  So, there you are.

I look a bit like Lucy.  Especially when I was small.  I had a shoulder length bob and it curled under just like hers does.  So there was that.

I act a bit like Lucy.  I am not saying I am bossy.  I am also not saying I am not bossy.  Not willing to cop to that characteristic.  I am also the person people come to with their problems.  Be it questions about relationships or other interpersonal stuff, or just advice about how to handle the various problems of life, I seem to be the one people ask.  I am very good at recognizing patterns and asking the hard questions.  There is a group of people that value my direct approach.

I have a little brother who is annoying, just like Lucy.  I tend to be a yeller, just like Lucy.  I am a little out of touch with reality, just like Lucy as it relates to Schroeder.

My family would send me cards with Lucy on them for birthdays, Valentine's Day, and all other card giving occasions.  I was always upset I didn't get Snoopy, but now I understand why I got Lucy.

For my birthday last year, I bought myself a sock yarn kit inspired by Lucy.  I haven't made the socks yet, but when I do, they will always be special. 

This is Lucy VanPelt's doppelganger, asking you to check out what the other ladies have to say.   Momarock, Froggie and Merrylandgirl.


  1. LOL!!! I love the "I'm not saying I am bossy, or that I'm not bossy..."