Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July

I realize that it is not Thursday, but this is my post for the Thursday bloggers group.  I was on vacation, and could not get my post up on time.  I apologize if you were wondering where it was.

Ok, this week's topic is to talk about our favorite Fourth of July memory.  Not being good with decisions, and having two favorite Fourths, I thought I would talk about both.

Sam was born on July 1st, so I was still in the hospital on the 4th.  It was my last night in the hospital and Bob and I watched the fireworks from my window.  Sam probably just tried to get something to eat the whole time.  It is hard to compare the miracle of new life with some fireworks, but it was still a pretty awesome experience.  Words really can not properly discribe the experience.

My other favorite memory was last year when I took the kids to see the fireworks, live and in person.  They thought that it was the coolest thing ever.  To listen to them chatter on about the different designs and things that they saw was a lot of fun.  I remember thinking firework displays were great when I was a kid, and seeing it through their eyes brought back all the excitement of my youth.

They were excited and talking about it all the way home.  It didn't matter that we were stuck in traffic.  They were just so happy to have been able to experience the display.

Of course everyone had fun playing prior to the fireworks.  We had no electronics, only a few snacks and they survived.  We were definately under prepared for the wait.  But, it still was a good time.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th.  If you would like to see what the other ladies have to say, check them out at Froggie, Merrylandgirl, and Momarock.

See you next week, on time! :)

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