Thursday, June 23, 2011


This is the next post in our on-going blog project.  I hope that you enjoy it and take time to check out what the other ladies have to say on the topic.  Today's topic requires us to be a restaurant critic.  As I am on vacation, I will not participating in today's post, but rather will be turning the reins over to a group of guest bloggers and food critics.

I would like to introduce H, S and M.  They have three of the most discriminating palettes in the world.  They can detect in a taco even the smallest stray shard of cabbage, as minuscule as the head of a pin.  They have under-taken the task of reviewing the chef at Mom's Place.  As all three meals are served at Mom's they will each review one meal.


Breakfast consists of an assortment of fresh fruits and homemade waffles, topped with Grade A light syrup fresh from Vermont (2010 vintage).  There is also the option of a melange of fresh strawberries and blueberries. Further, there is real butter, whipped to a smooth creaminess.  Whipped cream, available upon request, is not freshly whipped, but is actual cream with no artificial flavors or chemicals.

The review, by H:

The waffles were yucky, burnt and disgusting.  This was evidenced by the black things on the waffles, that had to be removed.  Further, the syrup was too sticky and too sweet.  The strawberries were fine, but the addition of blueberries was vile.  The butter was gross and the whipped cream was also unappetizing.  Why can't they just stick to the stuff in the can?  I would say that this coupled with the chef's defensiveness when I pointed out the burnt parts of the waffle, left me cold.  I can not say that I would recommend this place to my worst enemy.


There is a buffet of quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese.  Fresh fruits and veggies are available, all offered individually.  Nothing to is touching.  The sandwiches can be grilled in the pan or on the panini.

Review by S:

The bread for the sandwiches was limp and not really my favorite.  I would prefer a more hearty bread, such as a sourdough or Italian boule, but was offered high fiber oat bread.  The quesadillas were too cheesy and were not sliced into four pieces per tortilla.  The fruits were unappetizing and the veggies were disgusting.  There was no dip available.   After one bit of my selected meal, I had to send it back to the chef and demand a pb&j.  They were out of apricot jelly and tried to pass strawberry jelly off as a proper substitute.  I have to say I concur with H's review of this joint, not really to standard.


A selection of tacos.  Both fish and ground beef are offered, along with a topping selection of fresh salsa, guacamole, lettuce, cheeses, chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapeno.  There are crunchy shells and both flour and corn tortillas for burrito or soft tacos. 

Review by M:

While I am generally a fan of tacos, I did find these to be under-salted and I did find a piece of purple cabbage in my lettuce.  This speaks to the general disorganization and lack of cleanliness of the kitchen.  When I pointed this out to the chef, there was absolutely no recognition of the fact that this mixture of cabbage and lettuce renders the entire dish, nay, the entire meal uneatable.  Further, the guacamole, well it looks like snot, enough said.  There are also so many gross additions offered that the smells of neighboring diners' food is stomach turning. 

Chef rebuttal:  I quit.

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  1. that was so funny!!! makes me scared of what certain food critics in my house would say about my food. lol! very cute and creative. hope you're having a nice time on vacation!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! What a great way to blog about a restaurant experience, from three different perspectives!