Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just One Afternoon

This is the next post, in what I hope to be many as part of a blog project I am doing with three other ladies. At the end of my post I will give you the links so that you can check out what they have to say on our topic. Who knows, maybe you will find something else you like.

Today's topic, brought to you by me, is:  If you could have lunch with anyone living or dead who would you choose and why.  I may have said dinner in the original question, but you get the idea.

Anyone living or dead.  I know who I would choose, but first I want to talk about who I did not choose.  I did not choose some of the knitting greats like Cookie A, Rebecca Danger, Anne Hanson, Elizabeth Zimmerman, to name a few.  I am sure the first two would like the idea that they were in company with the last two.  But, only my fellow knitters would appreciate that distinction.

There are also all sorts of amazing yarn artists, people who dye yarn and make these amazing colors.  I won't name any of them, but it would also be interesting to understand how they get their inspiration and creativity.  Goodness knows I spend enough money on their end product.

Of course there are celebrities.  An afternoon with Mark Harmon.  sigh.  I will bask in the joy of that idea for awhile.  There are other celebs it would be fun to talk to, like LL Cool J.  I love how believable he is as a cop and he is freakin' LL Cool J.  That is sort of a testiment to his acting ability.

What about all the historical figures.  Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, George Washington, Benjiman Franklin... Imagine hanging out with them and just shooting the shit.  That would be so awesome.

But, none of these people even make the cut.  It isn't even a consideration.  I have absolutely no doubt that my choice would be the right one.  I know no Mark.  The person I would want to spend the afternoon with would be my Dad.  I miss him so much.  I would want to tell him what I have been up to, but mostly, I would want him to meet my kids.  He never got to know Mac and died before Sam and Hannah came along.  I think he would love to see them.  Just the chance to get one more piece of advice, to have him remind me that I never had it so good, would be worth passing over all the other amazing people that exist in this world.

The last time I talked to him we picked out a brief case for Bob.  That brief case is old and has been replaced with the exact same one.  My Dad knew what the right thing was, about most everything. 

I would love to feel his prickly face against mine when he gave me a kiss on my check.  I would love for him to give my kids peanuts and make popcorn for them.  To teach them about wood working and gardening.  They missed out on all the great things about my Dad. 

We probably really couldn't smash it all into an afternoon, but it would be worth trying.  Yes, I would give up an afternoon with Mark.

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  1. nice! i'm sorry your kids never got to meet him.