Friday, January 14, 2011

Over Scheduled

It was a rough morning.  Our schedule is so precise that the Swiss Military could take a few pointers.  If one thing happens to throw us off plan, well, we are scrambling all day.  There is no fluff built into the schedule to allow of unplanned potty stops.

As you can imagine with three young kids, this is often a problem.  One kid is distracted by something shiny and suddenly we are behind all day.  Granted my kids are used to getting to where they are getting to in a fairly quick and orderly fashion.  This type of schedule isn't really new.

Every night when I tuck the kids in, I run the schedule with them so they know what to expect.  It also reinforces it in my mind.  You know what they say, two heads are better than one and sometimes they are the ones keeping me on track.

Today, well it felt like a Benny Hill skit with everyone chasing everyone around.  I swear there was a scantily clad nurse in the line at some point.

It was a usual morning.  I went to wake Mac with our normal good thing/bad thing.  My good thing was that it was Fri.... that was as far as I got, because it was the moment that it dawned on me that it was FRIDAY and that means orchestra practice.  Orchestra practice starts at 8:15 and it was 8:15.  Crap.  We are already behind.  Cue the Benny Hill music, because the running around is about to start.

Mac is half dressed, pulling his pants on as he shakes the sleep from his head and tries to wake up.  Sam is grabbing the music stuff, I am putting together the backpack.  Where is your book for PACE?  Is everything in the Satchel??  Hannah was smart enough to just stay out of the way.  As we haul booty out of the house, a fly to school, Mac is still putting on his shoes and his coat.

We made it, only 5 minutes late, (beat that Swiss Military) but sadly, this will make us late all day.  Spelling words still need to be reviewed, Hannah still isn't dressed and snacks aren't in backpacks.  Where is the permission slip??  Doesn't anyone remember homework isn't done until it is in your backpack.  All morning we scramble against a clock that is definately NOT on the team.

As I help Hannah get dressed I am thinking a few steps forward.  I am going to the gym, I will need to drop her at the childcare and so she needs to wear socks and pants.  It was when we finally get in the car to go take Sam to school that Hannah announces that her plan is also to attend school today.  Oh, yeah, that is right, she does have school.  Back we go for the backpack.

Finally, as we are all in the van, seat belts buckled, everyone takes a deep breathe. "Mom," says Sam, "don't forget Hannah has gymnasitcs today, and I have a game tonight.  Mac has computer tomorrow.  You need to make sure that you have everything we need for those things today.  Don't forget.  Also, please make sure you know where you are going."

I am glad someone is on top of the schedule today.  Perhaps next week we will have some fluff.

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