Thursday, May 28, 2009

My husband came home naked

Well, they stripped him of his equipment yesterday. All my husband's electronics were taken from him, his computer, his blackberry, his keys. He said it felt naked when he walked out, like everyone could tell that he was unemployed... well, not yet... but after tomorrow.

It is interesting how much of his identity is wrapped up in having consistent access to his email and phone. He was so upset that they took his phone, he told me he tried to hide it from them, so he could keep it until Friday. I think it would have been humane to let him keep the badges of his job until the end. What did they think he would do today that he couldn't have already done yesterday. How stupid do they think he is?

My husband is now President of the company in title only. He has been completely stripped of power and prestige. Why do they make him continue to come in? It seems like some sort of mid-evil torture. I guess people don't understand the impact of their actions.

While it is not good mojo to be negative, I sort of hope that the karma that these people have created for themselves comes back around. I also hope that the fact that we are good people, generous almost to a fault, will help us land swiftly on our feet.

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