Friday, May 29, 2009

Good things come via USPS

I will start by saying until recently, all good things came via brown truck. It helped that the UPS guy was so hot I toyed with sending myself stuff... but I digress.

In the past 2 days the mailbox has held within indescribable joy. Yesterday, I got 10 mini balls of yarn for my sock blanket. I was so excited, I had to open the package right there and I took it to school with me to pick up the boys, so I would have plenty of time to look at all the yarny goodness enclosed. I was like a little kid, the joy was like a bubble in my throat. The arrival of said yarn was not a surprise, I was participating in a swap, so I had already sent off 10 mini balls of my own yarn in expectation of getting 10 back. That it made me so happy is the surprise!

Today, I opened the mailbox, expecting that there would be no yarn, but one can always hope. There was no yarn, but, rather some bills and a letter from my aunt. Hand addressed mail is always nice, so I opened the letter and there was a gift certificate for a massage while I am in California. She has already arranged from someone to come to her house and give me and my cousin massages. I am so excited, this is almost as good as yarn. But, it was also so unexpected and nice. I feel so blessed.

The gods of the mailbox have spoken and it is good. Does this mean the winds of our luck are changing? I certainly hope so, but for now I am going to try and ride the crest of this joy for a couple of days!

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