Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Candy... Oink

This week's very delayed topic is about Candy.  Yes, it was supposed to be posted last week.  I was so sick that getting out of bed was not really an option.  Then I had to catch up all the things I didn't do for 2 days, while I lazed around in bed.  So, this blog is on the list of things to catch up on, and here I am catching up.

Enough preamble, I want Candy!

Candy happens to be a pig.  This pig:

Candy likes to roll in the mud and eat oats.  She hates it when people tell her she is fat.  She is very loyal and is looking for her forever home... which she hopes has lots of snuggles.  Don't worry, she won't make too big a mess at your house.

Candy is up for auction.  If you should want to own Candy, all the proceeds from her purchase goes to the Community School of the Arts.  It is a really cool school that has amazing art and music lessons for children starting at 3 years old.  They aren't horribly expensive, but if you don't have a lot of disposable income or have a couple of kids taking classes the costs can add up.  The money goes to scholarships.

Unlike scholarships given to players on Sam's soccer team, the recipients are expected to attend a certain number of classes or they loose their scholarship.  I like that.  I find that if people don't pay for something, if it is free, they tend to value it less and don't show up.

If you want to bid on Candy, follow this link:

The other ladies are talking about Candy too, but I think it might be candy... in any event, check them out at: Froggie, Momarock, and Merrylandgirl

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  1. Clever take on the topic and I'm glad the proceeds go to a good cause if someone buys her. She's very cute!