Friday, January 11, 2013


Remember when I said I would post on time last week... yeah, it didn't happen.  I mean, there are 3 activities on Thursday evenings, reading with the first grade, taking the car to the mechanic, going to the gym, etc. etc. etc.  But in reality it is because I didn't do my new thing until today.

The topic is do something you have never done and write about it.  I don't usually read the other posts until after I write my own, because I don't want to be influenced by them.  I did this week, and I feel like such a sheep.  (OK, being a sheep isn't a horrible thing in my world, but still.)

I went to hot yoga.  (See another fitness post... I am just like everyone else.)

I made my friend Donna go with me.  She had to promise a million times over that she would be there with me, that she would hold my hand.  I was super nervous.

The instructor walked in.  OMG she is super cute, but she wasn't all scary toned and she didn't look like some sort of walking pretzel.  Trust me she has control over her body that takes your breathe away, but she looks normal on the outside. 

I sucked all the air out of the room, summoned my courage and marched up to her and said, "I'm new.  I will most likely spend most of the class falling over."  She laughed and said, "do what you can, no one cares.  I will correct you if you do something wrong is that ok?"  I told her she might just want to move her mat right over next to mine, cuz that was where she would be hanging out.  She told me not to worry.

We started.  It started with a mediation and then we went through a series of poses, many of which I had already seen in other classes.  I didn't fall on my face, and I could actually do at some level most of the poses that were presented.  I was pretty impressed.

I got the stretching for my legs that I was looking for, my hammies have been super tight lately and it felt good to stretch all that out.  But something happened that I hadn't counted on, all that stretching activated my limbic system and made me have to pee like crazy.  It is something that can happen after a good massage, I never thought yoga would have the same impact.  It was an interesting side effect.

I really enjoyed the class.  I liked how peaceful it was, I like how I felt afterwards.  I know I am going to keep going.  My friend Donna was glad to have a convert.  We will still go to class together, but now cuz we are buds and not because she is my security blanket!

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  1. Way to go! Glad you found something new you enjoy doing and that you're going to continue doing it. Nothing wrong with writing about fitness! :)