Thursday, January 24, 2013


The topic this week is about collections.  What do you collect and why is that a reflection of you?

I am sort of compulsive about collections.  Once I decide I like something I have to have it all, in all the colors.  I realized this about myself when my kids were little.  We would get a new book or toy and they would list all the others in the collection on the package.  It was some strange force that would drive me to have to collect them all.  Once I would collect them, I would organize everything so all the collections were together.

Of course the downside to this strange obsession, is that you end up with more stuff than you need.  As most people know, I hate stuff.  There is this internal conflict to have everything and yet have nothing all at the same time.  I know, seven million pounds of crazy over here.

Right now, I am collecting yarn.  I have this need to have all the yarn in all the brands in all the colors.  I realize that I will never ever be able to use all the yarn in all the brands in all the colors.  It isn't practical, it is expensive and it is a little obsessive.

So, as I was contemplating how to manage this new collection, the newest collection came to me.  There is a forum on ravely for cold sheeping.  Cold sheeping is not buying anymore yarn.  As part of this, you get to collect chips, like in AA.  My newest collection is going to be cold sheep chips.  At least until I collect the whole set.

I has actually been harder than I expected, but I am now looking for weight loss chips.  Perhaps that would motivate me to get back on that program. 

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  1. Now I just want some potato chips... :)
    Fun post and I understand your dilemma.
    Thanks for choosing this topic!