Friday, November 9, 2012

The Five

This week's topic is about the list.  The list of 5 people that, as it was put in the "official" question you can smooch without consequences. 
Ok, folks, if you have been reading this for awhile, you know my 5.  My 5 is really just a 1.  I leave you with the 5, or the 1.  Yes, all 5 are Mark Harmon.  I love Mark Harmon.  Yes, NCIS is porn, your point?  Yes, my husband knows about this.  Yes, he is cool with it...  enjoy (there are more words in a minute.) 
Yum.  Ok, now that you have met the 5, below find the alternates.  The folks that I consider giving perhaps the #5 spot.  You know,  four times Mark, one time the other guy.   So far none of them have cracked the list, but the guys in consideration.  In no particular order, Chris O'Donnell and Daniel Craig.
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  1. This made me laugh! I love it! I always thought Mark Harmon was super cute in that movie, Summer School.

  2. I remember that movie too. He looks even better now. :)