Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shop till you drop

The topic for this week is to talk about your favorite and least favorite place to shop. 

My least favorite place to shop is WalMart.  I hate their stores, they are messy and dirty.  The service is horrible.  It takes f o r e v e r to check out at WalMart.  Those clerks take their own sweet time checking folks out.  Their prices are on average the same as Target, and I see no reason to shop at WalMart.  The only reason we ever go there is because people give my kids gift cards to WalMart and I am forced into going.  I try and use the cards when we are in Ohio, because that particular store is actually pretty nice. 

I also do not like the way WalMart has fundamentally changed the way products are made.  When I worked in manufacturing I watched manufacturing get shifted to China because WalMart wants things cheaper and cheaper every year.  The issue with China is that the price that they give you for a specific product is not really what they are quoting.  The way manufacturing works in this country is that you design the product so that every product made meets the minimum acceptable quality.  That way you do not have to test every product.  Unfortunately, once the part passes the quality tests, the manufacturing system often changes when the product is made in China.  So the raw material sources might change, or the paint used might change, and the US manufacturer is none the wiser.  Can we say lead in the paint on toys?  But it isn't just toys that have these types of quality issues, it is many products made in China.  Because of this, I refuse to shop in this store.  I realize that it is probably not making a change, but it makes me feel better.

I hate to admit my current favorite store.  There is a certain stigma associated with my favorite store.  People tend to look at folks who shop here with a certain, disdain, I guess.  But, my favorite store is not only super, super, super affordable, it is good for the environment.  Even WalMart can't touch the prices at this store.

My favorite store is not only easy on my wallet, it is easy on the earth too.  See, my favorite store is Goodwill.  Purchasing used clothing is very gentle on the environment, because I am reusing something that has already been made.  I am not demanding new goods, and putting old goods in the landfill.

Initially, I started shopping at Goodwill because I needed clothes that fit.  I have lost a considerable amount of weight, but I'm not done yet.  So, I need cheap clothes to cover me until I'm done.  But, what I found is that I can find amazing things at Goodwill.  I recently got a Lands End cardigan for $2.99.  This sweater retails for $35.  I also have found Ann Taylor, Talbots, J Jill, and other brand names at bargain prices.  I saw a Talbots cashmere sweater for $3.99.  This coupled with my discount card and coupons I get, allows me to restock my wardrobe at rock bottom prices.  It is always different, and I enjoy the  hunt.

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  1. You and Moma Rock can go on a WalMart hating rant, but I'll always support your thrift store ways. :)