Friday, April 6, 2012

That door is closed or is it open?

The topic for this week's blog post is:

There's an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where they all go to the Museum of Natural History. There's one point where Lily finds herself talking to an exhibit called "College Marshall," who is now extinct, since he's married and working in the corporate world of NY. It got me thinking....what part of YOUR personality is now extinct?

I have struggled with how to answer this question.  Yeah, I partied and had a good time in college.  But, that part of me, the part that likes to have a good time, isn't really extinct, it just focuses on different types of good times. So, what is different?

Then I was added to a Facebook group that is populated by a bunch of folks about my age who lived in my home town.  We have been posting pics and telling stories from the day.  It has been fun to meander down memory lane.  Except, I wasn't really a part of most of the stories.  I didn't really participate in the mayhem.  I was a goodie-two-shoes.  I think some of it was that I was pretty motivated to not get in trouble, but I was also sort of socially awkward.  I didn't want to rock the boat. 

Fast-forward to today.  Boat rocking, yeah, sign me up for a double.  I dive head first into sorting out "injustice."  Granted my focus is generally on religious tolerance, but hey, I am good for a racial tolerance tussle any day.  (That is just harder to sound credible with being white and all.)  Just yesterday I was in the school building dropping off a letter for the principle when she was wishing everyone a happy weekend.  You could tell she was starting to wish everyone a Happy Easter, when she saw me walk by.  I was waiting to pounce.   Like a tiger, eyeing it's pray.  She stammered and wished everyone a good long weekend.  I gave her the thumbs up and moved on.  My work there was done.

In high school, that wasn't how I rolled.  In college I was a "devoted" Christian.  I even was a part of the very conservative Christian club.  I certainly wasn't aware of or cared about religious tolerance.  Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny... Praise Jesus! Amen.

Oh, I left that closed minded, socially awkward little girl behind.  I maybe have gone a bit to far to the other side.  Perhaps it might be time to reflect before pouncing, but my message is consistent and clear, include everyone, do not exclude.  Funny how things work out.  Happy Passover to all.

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  1. i enjoyed reading this. i learn something new about you every day!