Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The question for this post is:

Hypothetically, a credible authority from the universe reveals that the meaning of life is one big talent show. Success is measured not by $$, but the extent to which your contributions to society actually increase the quality of life for others. If the reward for winning was truly exquisite, how would this revelation change your game plan?

I like to think that my game plan generally revolves around doing the right thing, even if it isn't the most lucrative thing.  Of course, since I don't actually contribute to society in a monetary fashion, it is easier for me to focus on the ethical/"right" thing.

That said, I wonder if I really do that.  It is so ingrained in us to look out for ourselves that we are often not compassionate towards others.  I say this because right now we are embroiled in a big conflict.  A kid at school is being mean to Mac.  This kid is having a lot of problems at home, I am not sure what those problems are, but the emails/facebook posts I have read would make be believe that his parents aren't always real nice to him.:

So, if my objective is to improve the quality of life for others, should I be taking a hard stand against this kid for bullying mine?  Should I be going both guns a-blazing trying to get this kid to STOP?  Or, should we be inviting him to our house and trying to offer him assistance?

I don't have it in me to house and comfort my son's bully.  But if the objective is to make things better for others, I think that I should try and find it in myself to do that.  Sure you can argue, that by getting him to stop, we would improving the quality of life for the kids he bullies.  That said, I think that you need to approach it at the base level of improving the quality of life for the bully.  My belief is that he is doing to Mac, what is done to him at home. 

Since the reality is that what this kid is doing is wrong, I fully intend to have it stop.  At the end of the day, I have to protect my own. 

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