Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just a small rant

Ok, here is the deal. We are 5 days away from selling our lovely home to the most nasty people in the world. They are completely disrespectful. Their agent, hmm yeah, she is even worse!

I got a call on at 4:00 on Thursday and was informed that they would be inspecting our chimney the next day. What??? Their time for inspections has past, they can look at the work we did, but they can not do more inspections and expect us to do more work. The kicker is that they buyers wanted to see the house again. Yeah, they can see the house all they want once they own it. I am in the middle of packing and they want me to clean up the house so they can see it????? Is this the pre-closing inspection? No, they just want to look. OMG. I have 3 little kids, who are completely freaking out that we are moving and these sob's want to look at my house? My husband told me the could look from the street.

Susanne Vacek, their agent, has to be the stupidest woman on the planet. I can not express how much I hate her. She has lied to us, told us one thing and done another. I can not believe it. She actually called our chimney contractor, with out our knowledge. She claims we didn't give her the information she requested. WTF, she didn't request any information. We sent her the paperwork and pictures of the work. She told my chimney people that she didn't get any pictures. This is so unethical, I have half a mind to report her to the board of realtors.

This isn't the first time this chick has lied to us, she told our agent no one was in our home except the buyers. HMMM, I saw with my eyeballs two van loads of folks pulling away from my house after they had been in it for 2 hours. So who were the other people in the other van???? Liar liar pants on fire.

She also told us one thing and did another on every single written document. We would think we had agreed to one thing verbally, and then the paperwork would be completely different.

The killer is that our home is impeccably maintained, my husband and I are ridiculous about maintenance. We have records for everything and we updated the home and kept it very well. They act like we never did anything to the house. Yet the only inspection issues they could come up with totaled $300 bucks. We told them no. They are getting a lovely home for a great price in a wonderful neighborhood. You would think that they would be happy and respectful. NOPE.

Oh well, if you ever live in Vernon, don't use Susanne Vacek from DW Fish of Manchester CT. She will alienate your sellers and probably your buyers!

**** editorial note, because my husband wanted to wait until the money was in our account before I posted this, this rant is actually out of order. *****

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