Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here we are... now what

We watched all our worldly belongings drive down the street headed towards Rhode Island. We met the people who bought our house, perhaps they aren't so bad. We loaded everyone, 3 kids and a dog, into 2 cars. We drove for 3 days and here we are. We live in 1200 square feet.

It is all a little surreal. It seems like we are on vacation. In spite of the fact that we left the house with nothing in it, it still felt like we were just leaving for a trip and that we would come back soon. It didn't seem like good bye forever. But it was.

Our apartment, while wholly adequate, is well an apartment. Not really appropriate for a family of 5 and a dog. The kids are at loose ends. They don't have any friends to play with. They don't have an activities to attend. It is all a bit odd. It seems like a vacation. I like to pretend that we are in a vacation condo on Maui.

We have seen the house, registered the kids for school. Now we wait. We wait. The kids are acting out, I am sad and lonely. We wait for our lives to start. This is all like a huge pause in our lives. We wait for the next chapter to begin.

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