Monday, June 24, 2013

To Practical

This week's post is about superstitions.  I tend to not be superstitious.  Really, avoiding cracks is going to protect my mother's back?  I don't think that is really the case.

I do think that on some level people are superstitious to protect themselves from things that might happen.  If I do what ever, it will protect me from something harmful.  With the Blackhawks in contention for the Stanley Cup, I am sure that there are lots of folks who have special jerseys or underwear or what ever that they are wearing or doing to ensure that their team wins.

But, conversely, I am sure that there are Bruins fans doing just the same thing.  Who will be stronger?  I don't really know.  I am fairly certain that if you wear a special jersey, it is not going to have an impact on who wins or who doesn't.

I'm going to date myself, but we used to go to Indians games in our youth.  Jim Thome would come up to bat, and he would scratch his crotch, adjust his cup, or do something with his boy parts before he would hit the ball.   It was a long drawn out bat swing, crotch touch dance before each pitch.  I wanted to send him a powder or a cream for that issue.  Sometimes he hit the ball well and sometimes he didn't.  I realize that the whole crotch touch bat swing thing calmed him down and helped him perform better, but I think it was the routine that calmed him.  He could have done anything.  I for one would have preferred to eliminate the whole crotch touch part of the routine.  Really, anyone who touches themselves that much should have that looked at by a physician.

This is my windy way of saying, I am not really superstitious about much.  I  am woefully unaware that one should throw salt over their shoulder or say some prayer when they break a mirror.  

So, tonight while the Hawks play, I will be wearing nothing special and we will do nothing special.  I think that will help them win.

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