Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Sorry about the radio silence.  It has been a long time without connectivity.  It is hard.... Where did we stop?   Oh yeah, on things you love to hate or hate to love.  Fits my story to a "T", so here we go!

I hate technology... or perhaps I love it.  Yikes!  Anyway, my computer bit the big one.  It dropped a deuce, it failed to work.  In any event, it no longer provided me with a reliable means to communicate with the world wide web.  Yup, I was unplugged.

Well, not exactly.  I have a smart phone.  Here's the thing, if I could put a key board on that puppy I would probably be fine.  I survived for 2 almost 3 weeks without a computer.  It is amazing what you can do on a smart phone if properly motivated.  I bought the computer I am typing on right now on my smart phone.  That seems wrong to me.  I applied for a credit card, got approved for 12 months financing, chose a computer, purchased it and then tracked it's progress to my house, all on my smart phone.  I read emails, face booked, and otherwise communicated with the world on my smart phone.

I hate people that are always on their phones, but I have become one of them.  I love my phone.  I love it I say.  I hate that I love it.  Seriously, take the kids, but touch my iPhone and I'm coming for ya.  So, that is how I survived.

During my period of being somewhat unplugged, I realized that I rely way to much on my computer.  I sit down at it on a fairly regular basis to send off some missive or another.  I use it to manage our finances.  I store pictures and knitting patterns.  All of this is gone now. Some quirk in Microsoft Windows stopped working and my computer is a doorstop.  Even with the resurrection provided by the manufacturer, it is still unstable.

At this point, I have decided that I am done with Microsoft.  I am done with the lack of stability, and the over all lack of service.  I bought an Apple.  Yeah, I know I said I would NEVER do that after they way they treated me at Christmas, but the awesome staff at the local store restored my faith.  So, here I am finally communicating with my one reader on my new computer.  It is pretty nice, thanks for asking.  It turns on and works, so that is a big improvement!

I hate technology.  I hate the hold it has on me.  I hate that without it I am sad and curled in a corner whimpering.  I think this is an issue.  But, at the end of the day, those that don't know how to use technology will be left behind.  Ok, I just really like to use a keyboard rather than a touch screen.  I type like the freakin' wind!

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  1. I totally know how you feel. I don't want to get addicted to my smartphone either but it's so hard to resist! And I also spend way too much time online. I love Shabbat just for an excuse to totally unplug!

  2. This made me smile - big time!

    I remember the days when you swore you'd never get a smartphone, text or buy any Apple product for that matter. :)

    Seriously, I'm glad you had your smartphone so you weren't totally unplugged and that you are "connected" again. Hope you enjoy your new computer!