Monday, April 22, 2013

The First Times

This week's topic is about Disney and our first visit to the Magic Kingdom. 

Growing up in California, I went to Disneyland.  Being the 5th child, I went when I was very young.  I do not really remember my first visit.  Trips to Disneyland are all one big mash-up of all the trips we took.

I remember my Dad planning out our day with military like precision.  Determining how many tickets we would have and who would get to go on what rides.  See, when I first started going to Disney, you purchased packs of tickets.  The Matterhorn was a E ticket and you got very few of E tickets in the booklets, so they were rationed out.  I was not allowed to go on the Matterhorn until my older brothers and sisters were no longer with us. 

I also remember when they switched from the tickets to an all inclusive fee.  It was met with a certain level of disdain in our household.  But, it also met unlimited rides on the Matterhorn.  I was thrilled.

My favorite ride was not the Matterhorn.  It was Small World.  I loved that ride and would beg to go on it more than once.  I was captivated by all the different sparkly puppets in this ride.  I wanted it to go slower so I could see everything.  I would beg to go at least twice so I could look at the right side for one ride and the left on the next.  That way, I surmised, I would be able to see everything.  I remember trading my E ticket for another ride on Small World.  My mom liked it because the line was never long and it was a slow ride that allowed you to sit down.

When I was in High School, our graduation party was at Disney.  My BFF and I rode Small World a bunch of times.  The party was an all-nighter and Small World let us rest from the tiring party.

We saw shows.  We met characters.  We rode all the rides, including Space Mountain.  My younger brother cried like a baby on Space Mountain.  But, I will always remember the rationing of the tickets and Small World.

We would usually go for just one day.  Driving home after being at the park all day.  I remember getting into the car, exhausted, feet sore and ready to rest until we got home.  Waking only once the car stopped at the stop sign at the top of the on ramp.

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  1. So interesting about the tickets for rides. And how cool is a senior party at Disney World?!?