Sunday, June 3, 2012

Monkey isn't Dead

The topic for this week is about humor.  I have written this post about a million times, and nothing seems to work.  Humor, it should be an easy topic, but for some reason it has me completely stumped.

I would like to provide for you a bit of a reprise of some funny things we have talked about in the past, but to bring them up-to-date.  In the past, I have written some pretty funny blog posts.  One of my favorites is the story about killing the monkey in Hannah's room. (check it out here) Of course we have always wondered why there was a monkey in Hannah's room... the other day we discovered why.

One of the boys had returned home from his soccer tournament.  It was a very hot and sticky day and after running around all afternoon playing soccer he had taken on an odor.  It was finally time for him to go upstairs and shower and go to bed.  This was a relief to all around him.

Sadly, he did not immediately go to the showers.  He took a detour to his brother's room.  Suddenly, we hear screaming, MOM, MOM, get him out of my room.  I go running upstairs to see what the issue is.  As I am headed up, my other son, says "Mom, get him off my bed, he smells like a monkey."

I finally get him out of my other son's room and he heads towards the showers.  I think ok, crisis averted.  Then I hear the door to Hannah's room being opened.  I yell, stay out of your sister's room, she is sleeping.  I hear the door click closed.  I assume that he has left and is going to the shower.

After about ten minutes, I don't hear the shower being turned on.  I sigh, lift myself off the couch and head on upstairs again.  When I get upstairs I can not find our smelly child.  He is not in the shower.  He is not in his room.  He is not in his brother's room.  Finally, I check his sister's room.  He is standing in his room with his arm pit over her sleeping face.  She is still sleeping.  She was either asphyxiated or very tired.

The next morning, she says, Mom, I smelled the monkeys last night.  I think you need to try and catch them again.

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  1. LOL! I hope my boys don't do that to their sister!