Friday, March 23, 2012


It is our one year Thursday blog project anniversary.  I, for one, cannot believe we have been doing this for a year.  I am also surprised that we continue to come up with topics.  Yeah, I know, some of mine are like totally bottom of the barrel, but hey, what can I say!

The topic for today is to either re-write a post that we didn't like or think we did our best on, or to to talk about what we think of project.

I am not going to re-write a post.  I realize that one of my posts was a re-write, but the celeb doplegagger topic was so well done by the post about the lady in the airport that I decided I couldn't improve on that.  I sort of felt bad about "coping" out, but I still really like that post and think it was funny. 

My fair-tale post could also have been perceived as a cop-out, but the amount of time I spent dreaming that up was insane.  I tried to bribe Mac to write me a rap about a fairy tale.  I even asked Sam and Hannah to write something for me. 

So, I think that leaves me with talking about what I think about the project.  I have actually really enjoyed doing this.  When Froggie did it the first time I was sort of jealous that I wasn't involved.  I didn't know that many other people who blogged so I couldn't start my own.  But, when that didn't work out and she asked me to join her for another go at it, I was very excited.   

There have been weeks and even months where the only thing I post is my entry for this project.  My blog, which started when Mac entered Kindergarten has taken a lot of turns.  I posted most regularly when I was processing our move and Bob's unemployement.  I feel like I am currenlty stuck in a drama vortex, but it isn't the type of thing you share with the general public.  I think I have started to get more concerned about privacy with my blog.

I have enjoyed getting to know the other ladies better.  I don't know how long our project will last, but until we run out of ideas I know I will keep playing along.  Granted my posts will have a tendency to not always be on time.

Want to see what the other ladies have to say?  Check them out at: Froggie, Momarock, and Merrylandgirl

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  1. Glad you're part of this project. Some of your posts have been so funny. I enjoyed when we did the interview project too. :)