Thursday, August 4, 2011

This may be my last day

Today is Thursday and that means that there is an entry for the Thursday blog project.  Today's topic was to share your theme song and why that song is your theme song.  It was my idea.  See, my world is set to music.  This seems normal to me.  I almost always have theme song going.

What I didn't realize is that like the underwear container and the -ter joke, this is something that is unique to me.  Most people don't set their lives to music and think that having a theme song is something that they should do.  Yes, I name my cars too... your point?  Have you read the title of this blog?  Crazy is in it.

See, when we moved to Connecticut about 15 years ago, our theme song was Living La Vida Loca.  Our life was so crazy, in what I thought at the time a good way.  It didn't really go that way, but I had a baby, lost a job, found a job, lost a job, became a stay at home mom.  It was la vida loca.

For awhile we were without a song.  Nothing spoke to me.  Then we moved to Illinois.  Our song was by Rodney Atkins, If You're Going Through Hell.  My favorite part is when you ask a Genie from a bottle for directions and she lies to you.  That is where we were when we got here.  My life was in the crapper.  Actually that  might have been an improvement.  But you see, we kept on going and guess what we made it through.  We are ok now.  This could change but right now, we are good.

After we got out, our theme song was Boundin'.  It is really a Pixar Animation short, but if you haven't seen it, you can see it on YouTube, I couldn't embed it.  You really should check it out.  See once I got to the other side, I had to live with the changes that had happened.  So like the sheep (yeah a sheep, that might be part of the reason I love it) I had lost my beautiful hair and had to find myself inside all the changes.  I think this song is about being ok with yourself regardless of where you are and what happens to you.  That was a good message.

Lately, I have been thinking about addressing the song.  Boundin', while super awesome was not really hitting all the right notes.  Which is probably why I suggested the topic.  There are some things in my life that I want to do, that I have never been able to do.  I am going to conquer them.  Anything worth having is worth doing all the hard work to get.  No short cuts.  I am going to put in the time.  There are some people I need to forgive.  There are some yesterday's I need to say goodbye to.  To that end, my new song is Nickelback's, If Today Was Your Last Day. 

As I approach the middle of my life, my days are getting short, and I need to remember that it really does me no good to hold on to old grudges.  While things may not be the way I want them to be, they are what they are and really in most cases that is outside of the span of my control.  I am going to mend my own broken heart and shoot for the stars.  In the end, life is all about forgiveness.  The ability to let the bad stuff go and be ok with that, even if the person or people that wronged you don't ask for it. 
So that is my story in music, if you want to hear what the other ladies have to say check them out at Froggie, Merrylandgirl and Momarock.


  1. great post! i like that song too. another one that stands out for me is "don't blink" by kenny chesney. i cry whenever i hear it because it's so true!

  2. Very touching! And it's so true... life is very much about forgiveness!