Monday, April 25, 2011

Goin' through hell... not anymore

Today on the way to the grocery store, I heard our theme song from a couple of years ago.  It was a country song called "If you're goin' through hell."  I love that song.  So, of course I blasted it super loud in the mommy van.  Then sat in the car, song blarring, singing along, in the parking lot until it was over.

Listening to that song reminded me of how far we have come.  Lately, I have been feeling really overwhelmed.  I haven't been blogging about what is going on, because as a family we need to work some of this stuff out.  Once we do, then maybe I will talk about it, maybe I won't.  It is story that I am not willing to share now, and may never be willing to share.

Back to the topic at hand, me, overwhelmed, recently.  Thinking about where we were when we first moved here, well, that makes where we are now, seem managable.  I think about where I was, and how every day I would wake up and ask G-d to help me survive just another 4 hours.  Well, things are better now.

I had forgotten how good we having things right now.  I think it is important to remember where we were, because I never want to go back there.  Ever.  So, if I don't get everything done, or my house isn't perfect, or my kids are acting poorly, I still know, it could always be worse.  Sometimes I just forget that.

I guess, we were going through hell, but we kept on going and we got out before the devil even knew we were there.  Or something like that.

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