Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bullet points

I am feeling a bit ADHD today.  So, just some random thoughts.  Nothing deep enough, or perhaps fully developed enough to be a full post.
  • I was listening to the radio the other day and there was a song on the radio that I used to really love.  It was about 10 years ago, I think I must have been more bitter.  The song is You Ought to Know, by Alanis Morisette.  Essentially she sings about how mad she is that her husband/boyfriend dumps her for another woman.  I totally understand the emotion she talks about in the song, that sense of utter betrayal.  But, while I used to really like the song, now I just think she is bitter and she needs to move on.  She is so angry.  Really, was he worth it?

  • While we were at retreat, we heard a very interesting lecture on Kant.  If you boil Kant down, he says that we make our own decisions.  That we are all rational beings and we can choose to believe in G-d or not.  Not more than 5 minutes after we walked out, did I have a conversation with Mac about making different choices.  He was upset about the outcome of a situation and I told him that it was the natural consequence of the choices he made.  I have never really thought that Philosophy had much, if anything to do with real life.  I always thought of it as a pure intellectual pursuit.  Guess not.  Looks like I am using Kant as my parenting guide.

  • Just a bit more on that, if you don't like how things are going, it is important to look at the choices you are making.  There are so many people that blame someone else for a situation that they have contributed towards creating.  Kant would say that we need to take responsibility for our own actions.

  • Sadly, the people that really need to understand that will never see themselves in that description.

  • My pet does not match my craft.  Who knew?

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  1. Yup, you totally have to crochet now. Start buying the next shoe size up so you can wedge your crocheted socks in there.