Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Healthy Steps

I have been blogging about the Cooking Light 12 steps to a healthier you.  Well, this month's resolution if you will was to eat out less.  GREAT I think, we never ever, ever eat out.  Guess what happened this month.  Yeah, I ate out 2 times a week.  This is up from the normal 2 times a month!

Of course, the month exercise more was the goal, I was too busy to go to the gym.  The month that cutting back on eating out is the deal, I ramp up the meals out.  I am curious about what next month will bring.

January's step, eat more veggies, which I have taken to eat more produce, is still a problem for me.  I just don't like veggies.  I try and remember to make them, but we are busy and I don't like them, so they end up not making it on the dinner plate.

I exercising isn't really an issue for me.  I go to the gym fairly regularly.  I would like to go more, but not until Hannah is in school full-time will that be a reality.  Still the 4 times a week are pretty good!  This month has been co-operative and I have been able to keep up with my classes.  The up-shot to that is when I went to the Dr. for my strep test this weekend, I got the surprised look and two blood pressure tests.  No one can believe it is as low as it is when they look at my weight.

So, clearly the weight problem for me is around food.  I try to embrace more veggies and eating out less (not that that will be an issue soon when I get our visa bill).  For dinner last night we had roasted cauliflower.  YUM.  Today, well, I am still figuring out the veggies for today.

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