Friday, March 4, 2011

Apple, stays near the tree

Ok, so right after I post about someone's mom being stalked by her son.. I have my own stalker incident.  I am leaving preschool, and let's just say Hannah's preschool is across the street from the projects.  At least a projecty as it gets out here in suburbia.

There is a total slow poke in front of me.  When you turn left after leaving the projects, you have to hit it and hit it hard if you want to make the light.  So, I pull my left turn, get in the lane looser butt is not in and hit it.  I made the light.  Yeah me.

I pull in the parking lot at the gym.  Grab my stuff, and look over...  The car I passed leaving the projects is parking next to me.  Well if he is pissed I passed him, he can deal with it.  I scurry into the gym, after assuring myself that there are plenty of people in the lot that can call for help.

The car is still there when I leave.  I walk out with a couple of old Marines (I know this because they are wearing Marine letter-man style jackets with their units and service dates on them.)  I figure a couple of up standing military men would not let the crazy in the red truck get me.

There is no crazy in a red truck.  The truck is there, the driver must be working out... hmm, guess dudes who live/drive through the projects work out too.  Guess the apple of craziness don't fall too far from the tree.


Someone's mother's son would like everyone to know that he was not stalking his mother, but rather, trying to flag her down to see if she wanted to go to lunch with him.  He called her cell phone, flashed the lights at her, even honked a few times.  He contacted the customer relations staff over here at Parenting: a special kind of crazy, to make sure that we had to story straight.  He felt like he was being accused of elder abuse.  Please, we all knew that wasn't the case.

"I don't worry about her driving.  That old lady lost me once she decided there was trouble."  He is noted as saying in a follow up interview.  "Guess her memory ain't what it used to be though, I was in the car she gave me when she got her truck.  You know the one she drove for 10 years."

All is well, and no one was injured.  Well, except for some pride.

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