Monday, July 8, 2013


This week's topic is about America.  

When you bing america, the first website that pops up is entitled America:  Official Website.  The address is  Sounds very American and very California, except there really isn't a Ventura Highway, but I digress.  The first thing you see is a picture with a caption in Italian.  It seems odd to me.   America is a band, and this would be their official website.  Apparently they have performed in Italy.  

When you google america, you get the Wiki for America.  Which focuses on the continents of North and South America.  Not the country of the USA.  That makes sense since the USA is only one part of the greater land mass labeled America.

When you yahoo america, you also get the website for the band, but the number 2 listing is for the United States.  I think it is interesting that America persists as an acceptable term to refer to our country.  As I mentioned above, it is only one country on the land mass, but I'm not feeling my soap box today.

I used AOL's search engine, and the first thing that they brought up was a map of the United States.  I won't belabor the point, but the United States is not really the only game in the America town.

I like Ask... Because their first option was a South America travel guide.  That entertained me.  It takes you to a pretty informative guide to planning your trip to South America.  Now I want to go.

Dogpile was similar to the above.  #1 the America band site, #2 Wiki for Americas and #3 was the United States listing from yahoo.  I think that is sort of how dogpile works.  

Ok, last one... gigablast.  It starts with a listing of national parks in the US.  

So, there not only is it an informative look at various search engines, it is an interesting take on America.  I leave you to check out the other ladies at:  FroggieMomarock, and Merrylandgirl

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